about us - The peter w. doerken foundation

Peter W. Doerken has been active in philanthropy since 1989 when he started a school in Bangalore, India which included uniforms and organizing a volunteer teaching staff. This led to a feeding program administered by the Akshaya Patra Foundation in India that initially fed one hot meal per day to 1000 children and is now feeding over 1.8 million children daily. The program has enabled these children to break free from a multi-generational farm worker lifestyle and earn the opportunity to attend some of the finest universities in the world. In turn, many of these beneficiaries of the feeding programs have grown to become leaders in the tech industry both in the Silicon Valley and in and around Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India.

Mr. Doerken started a surgical eye clinic in Davangere, India, which now funds the eye examinations of over 10,000 children per year and provides glasses to in excess of 2000 children per year. He also worked with the Acumen Fund to purchase irrigation equipment for local farmers in Central India enabling farmers to grow three different crops per year instead of just one.  Additionally, at the request of the Dali Lama, he funded the construction of a 52-bed hospital in Dharamsala, India which was built by women and staffed by women. This was an integral part of the Dali Lama’s mission to raise the status of women in India.

In his home state of California, Mr. Doerken has supported many philanthropic projects including a program through Westside Sports Associates providing uniforms, supplies, and facilities for “at risk” children in underprivileged areas of Greater Los Angeles. And recently worked with Jovenes, Inc. on starting their College Success Initiative to help community college students in Los Angeles who are homeless. 

The Peter W. Doerken Foundation will continue this legacy of generosity and philanthropy.



The Peter W. Doerken Foundation is proud to have partnered with and supported many organizations including:

Akshaya Patra Foundation

ISKCON Sri Radha Bangalore

Jovenes, Inc.

The Mussar Institute

OC Music & Dance

Southern California Grantmakers

Exponent Philanthropy